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Always be my daddy's 'boru papa cayang'. 17. A Christ believer. A perfectionist who has an (sometimes) unreachable house. A strictly minded person who enjoys cooking and loves dogs. A bookworm and a doctor wanna-be



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A Person

So, I want to talk about a specific person. No mention if it's a she or he. Just wanna write down something, because I just want to without any certain reasons. I don't know whether it will cause something or not, I just enjoy the moments. I just like this person going around and I know if this person's alright. This person becomes..... quite important, I guess. I feel like want to have this person like forever and ever. This person becomes what hmm you can say, someone that you don't want to lose contact with. Yeah, that's all I think. That's all (I wish).


Do it ;D


Two things at one time

I got the information about the animation version of Adele's Someone Like You from Beryliana Maya Anisa. It's cute but sad actually. Nothing's special, just wanna share with readers, I swear hahaha



what if...


Much kisses and hugs from here,

thank you for being my role model, thank you for being my inspiration, and thank you for so much love for me. love both of you so much <3

smooch ♥, A



So, I guess this is the first day of the new year. I wish you all a happy life one year ahead. I wish myself to be better and get better. Then, a decision to close unfinished things came to my mind, but finally I just try to let it flow. I believe there must be a time for everything and everything will be beautiful in its time. Good luck people!

P.S. Wish me luck with this individual research proposal, quite bothering my new year actually *sighing*

xoxo ♥, A


Merry Christmas everyone!

The usual thing we do in Christmas Eve is attending night ceremony. Wherever we are, at home or in Magelang or in Porsea, we never ever do not attend this ceremony. You know, I always wait for moment when the lights being turned off, then we light up the candles and sing Silent Night. It's been a very precious thing, really. You can feel the indescribable sensation coming from your toes to head haha. You will feel and realize how be blessed you are. You will feel very grateful for what He has done with your life. That's the best moment!

And in this Christmas, I want to thank God for everything He's given to me. Family, friends, bunch of love, unforgettable experiences, and more blessings which develop me day by day, making me a better person, I hope. I want to say thank you for every person who comes into my life and gives their own part in teaching me with their own ways. I feel very blessed to have those people in my life and I feel more blessed that I still alive today writing this post. Then, I want to say Merry Christmas to all of you readers, may His blessings come to all of us, may His grace guides our ways, and may we will be more close and close to Him. 



"Impossible is to avoid smiling when your name suddenly appear while I'm having conversation."
-Jonathan Aditama Midlando Purba, FKUI 2011-


What are you?

So, what are you? Home? You come back sometimes, and damn, I still wait for that.
And what are you? I'm afraid I'm drowning too deep, you know. Don't you be afraid of that?
What are you, both? Same scent, same number.
I do definetely not understand...